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November 2014

wine storage

How to store wine correctly

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Wine, especially expensive wine shouldn’t just sit in a cupboard until it is ready to drink. Some wine benefits from long-term aging whilst others should be drunk within a few years of being bottled. If you are looking to wine storage in the long-term then there are some things to remember when laying it down. Keeping the temperature right If you keep wine that you are maturing above 21 degrees Celsius then it will age much more quickly than you would…

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everybody needs a storage unit

10 reasons why everybody needs a storage unit

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Storage units are really useful spaces, though they haven’t always had the best reputation. The TV show, Storage Hunters, has shown people some of the terrible things that people hide in their storage spaces in the United States and with its popularity growing in Britain, there has been a Storage Hunters UK series commissioned. However though the series is entertaining it doesn’t exactly make the idea of having a storage unit seem appealing. But there are many great reasons that…

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kitchen storage solutions

Creating Order out of chaos with Kitchen Organisation

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Whether you have a domestic kitchen or a busy restaurant kitchen, you will know that good organisation in the kitchen is essential not only for a clean culinary environment but also for helping you to find everything that you need when you need it. There are lots of different ideas that you can get from looking through home design magazines and even from just flicking through the Argors, John Lewis, Lakeland or Ikea catalogues.However trying to fit new storage ideas…

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