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December 2014

cloud storage

Is cloud storage right for you?

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One of the marvels of the internet communication network is its ability to literally store data in the atmosphere otherwise known as cloud storage. It is totally functional, scalable, remotely controlled and therefore cheap. Against these pluses are also arrayed several drawbacks such as latency problems and data transfer to third parties. But is it beneficial? From what experts have to say about it, it appears so but even then, there are also drawbacks. The benefits Scalability is king with…

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urban locker self storage

Beginners guide to self storage

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As populations increase, the availability of space is constantly put under pressure on land, the oceans and even the skies above let alone available space in homes. The phenomenon has reached such proportions that self storage companies are popping up everywhere to confront the challenge of the need to store extra belongings somewhere else safe. The procedure has become such a normal part of life it is expedient for you and other potential user of self storage to have access…

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