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January 2022

what age do students start university

Is Open University worth it?

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With most of the world switching to remote work it makes sense that online degrees are becoming popular. The open university has been around for many years now but sometimes people are unsure if it’s as valuable as a traditional degree where you study at university. Today we will look at the Open University to see if it’s worth attending and if it can improve your career prospects. What is the Open University? The open university is a distance learning…

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How to start the new year off right

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Every new year we want to start it off right and we make resolutions we end up not following. We think of the new year as an occasion to reinvent ourselves, which we totally can, but maybe instead of making big plans, we could start small instead. This way, it’s easier to achieve what we set for ourselves. Here are some ideas and some totally realistic resolutions we can all work on for 2022. Start the new year off right…

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