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Help your business grow

How self storage can help your business grow

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  You’ve taken the plunge, you’ve left the rat race and set up your own business. Now, how can you make it grow? You’ve got the laptop lifestyle, setting your own hours and working from any location that suits you. It sounds ideal – but you’ll soon find that running a business from your home has some drawbacks. If you need a bit of space to expand, self storage might just be the answer you need. Secure space and room…

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Four businesses that can be run from self storage units

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Have you every considered setting up your own business, but been stumped at one of the first hurdles – affordable premises? Whether you need a whole workroom, space for piling stock and boxes, or just a safe, secure locker for items that can’t be left in the house, self storage is the answer. Low cost, flexible contracts and secure access – everything you need to get your new business up and running. Not sure what you could do with the…

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Coworkers sharing office space

Top reasons for using coworking spaces in Old Street, Shoreditch

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Coworking spaces are increasingly popular across London– with over 150 venues now available in the capital, occupied by a growing population of mobile workers. It’s not just freelancers that enjoy the benefits – start-ups with small numbers of employees benefit from the lower costs and established companies appreciate the chance to share ideas. A number of popular coworking spaces have grown in the Old Street and Shoreditch areas, unsurprisingly due to the growth of technology companies around Silicone Roundabout. Here…

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Is working from home affecting your health

Is working from home affecting your health?

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The home business lifestyle sounds wonderful to so many of us. Flexibility to take a day off whenever we want, working from coffee shops or sitting in the glorious British sunshine and meeting with clients - it all sounds so perfect. The reality is often quite different. Many small business owners find themselves working far longer hours, with the divide between work and home life blurred. You may have chosen to be your own boss for the flexibility, but it’s...
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Document Storage

Document Self Storage

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Is self storage for storing company documents? Whether they are private or public, documents are valuable assets that keep records of all dealings. Private documents can easily be stored in the home in a special place made available for that purpose. Company documents however are so varied and voluminous in nature that over time, they can clutter office space and make it difficult for staff to navigate the company office floor. A document self storage solutions is perfect so you can…

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