How to stage your home for a house sale

bowl of fruit on a table

If you are planning on selling your home a great way to help it go faster is to stage it.

Staging your home means to set up your furniture and possessions to help every room look its best, and help potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space.  So, what’s the best way to set your stage?

Declutter and reduce your personal belongings

The first point of staging your home is to depersonalise it. Think of a show home – the colours are neutral and the ornaments very impersonal. While your collection of Russian dolls or African wood carvings may be your pride and joy, they may not appeal to prospective buyers.

How to stage your home for a house sale Urban Locker

Family photos are also very personal. You might think they add a homely feel – but you want new buyers to imagine their own family living in the house.

Another reason to declutter is to make each room feel larger and more spacious. Removing excess furniture and reducing the number of ornaments on the shelves will open the space up more.

Once you have decided which furniture and belongings to move out, don’t put these into cupboards. Buyers are likely to open cupboards to see how roomy they are.

The easiest option is to put your items into self-storage. Not only will everything stay dry and safe, you will have less to actually move when you do sell, and you can unpack the items from the storage unit into your new home in your own time.

Time for a deep clean

Once there is more room in the house, it’s time for a look about. Give your home a deep clean. No matter how house proud you have been, there will be cobwebs in the corners and dust on the lampshades and along skirting boards, especially where you have recently removed furniture.

Another important room in the house is the bathroom. Make sure everything sparkles – nothing is more off putting than a grimy toilet.

Catch up on your chores

You may have left things around the house while you lived there, but ripped wallpaper and broken steps won’t help it sell. Potential buyers will see work that they need to do when they move in – and may even ask you to reduce the price.

How to stage your home for a house sale Urban Locker

An important part of selling your home is kerb appeal. Most buyers will drive by and look at the outside of your home before requesting a viewing, so make sure it looks attractive. Mow the lawns, cut back overgrowing bushes, wash the windows, and you might even consider painting the front door.

Set your stage

Now that your house is clean and clutter free, it’s time to set up each room. Set out your furniture to look its most inviting. The most important rooms are your living room, kitchen and main bedroom, so concentrate here if you don’t have a lot of furniture.

Consider putting out bowls of fresh fruit and flowers on days when you expect viewings – and although your don’t have to go to the extremes of baking bread, we have to admit the smell of a fresh warm loaf is very tempting.  

Create a welcoming atmosphere

Nothing says welcome more than a warm, light room with a lovely fresh smell. Open all the windows and let some fresh air blow through the house before viewings. If you are still living in the house at the same time, this will remove any cooking smells and the scent of pets.

How to stage your home for a house sale Urban Locker

Finally, allow in as much light as you can. Open all the curtains and blinds wide, and if a room is particularly dark, turn on the lights. Consider the light coming from your bulbs. You can choose a whiter bulb that looks much more like natural daylight than a more yellow glow.

Now you’re ready to welcome viewers. With the right staging, you could get a sale much faster than you expected.