Why self-storage may be the green option

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pumpkin and halloween decorations

When you live in the centre of London your floor space can be quite limited. It seems that no matter the size of our homes, we always seem to fill every corner and cupboard with things – and when you don’t have a handy spare cupboard to stack things in, before long you’re tripping over boxes and wondering what to get rid of.

While there is always room for a declutter, it’s important to consider whether you could avoid sending more to landfill. It’s time to counteract the image we have of a throw-away society and consider some greener options.

Here are four things you might want to consider storing.

Why self-storage may be the green option Urban Locker

Seasonal decorations

Having a self-storage locker gives you an extra cupboard – and while it’s close by and easy to access, it’s also not immediately on hand. Which means you are more likely to store things you use less often.

Seasonal decorations are the perfect example. We’ve all got a box or two of Christmas decorations that we re-use every year. If you are like us, you probably get something new each December too, so that your pile of baubles or collection of dancing snowmen gets bigger every year. You need somewhere to keep these for the other eleven months though – and why fill a cupboard in your house that could be used for something else.

We may not throw away Christmas decorations, but what about the ones we use for Halloween? Halloween is becoming a bigger event every year – and the decorations available are growing in both range and cost. Instead of buying more cheap cackling door knockers every year, or hunting for another set of matching costumes, why not get some that last and re-use them every year. It might just save you money in the long run, as well as being better for the environment.

Children’s toys

In the first few years our children grow at an amazing rate, and so does their pile of toys and accessories. Prams, buggies, cots, early years toys, bouncers – everything seems to cost a lot, and be twice the size of the child. As your baby gets bigger, the toys get smaller, but in the meantime, where will you put all those things you bought – particularly if you’re planning on expanding your family even more and will need them again.

With all the well-meaning gifts from family members, you often find you just have too many toys to use. So, put some in your handy self-storage locker, and swap them around as your child loses interest with them. By the time you bring them back out, she’ll have forgotten all about them and play with them like new.

Camping gear and ski wear

Okay, we don’t all have piles of skis hanging about. But if you do enjoy a seasonal sport, or camping through the summer holidays, you soon accrue a large amount of sports gear that’s not only bulky, but also needs to be kept somewhere dry and rodent free.

If biking is your thing, then you definitely don’t want to be dragging your wet, muddy bike across your carpets all through the winter, or blocking up your hallway. Quality sports gear is something that is just too expensive to readily replace each year, so finding a self-storage cupboard is the perfect answer.

Why self-storage may be the green option Urban Locker

Garden storage

If you do have room for a garden, but nowhere to put a shed, where are you going to keep your lawnmower or plant pots through the winter. Gardening is certainly seasonal, with most of us spending more time on maintenance in the summer and ignoring it while it’s wet and cold.

Garden furniture is another item that’s become far cheaper to buy in our disposable society. We can buy a table and chairs in the local supermarket for minimal cost – which might make you feel less concerned about leaving it out all winter. However, replacing it every year or two is not great for the environment. Why not treat yourself to something a bit better quality – and more comfortable – and keep it safely stored in the dry when not in use.

If you are looking at ways to improve your green credentials, keep things longer and throw away less, then self-storage lockers may be right for you. With plenty of sizes to choose from, you have all the space you need for one more cupboard up to an entire room.

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