Fall in love with the freedom of wardrobe space!

The last of the winter chill is leaving us and the spring sunshine is peeking through the clouds, so it is time to get the summer wardrobe ready! Now is the time to embrace the new season with a new wardrobe. Pulling out your embarrassing summer shorts or your garden party dresses is fun, but few of us have wardrobe space large enough to store a year’s worth of clothes! If you struggle to accommodate your summer and winter wardrobe in your home, then self-storage is the perfect solution.

Safe as houses

When storing precious items such as cashmere jumpers or expensive winter coats, you may be apprehensive about storing away from home. At Urban Locker, we pride ourselves on providing superb security on personal storage. Our state-of-the-art security systems, PIN controlled access and 24hour CCTV give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and sound around the clock.

Dealing with delicates

There are some staple pieces that can hang in your wardrobe all year round, but the likelihood of actually you wearing that fur lined Puffa jacket in summer is low at best. Spring is the perfect time to dry clean your winter clothes and pack them away until you need them! Once cleaned, vacuum storage is the perfect way to protect your clothes as it removes air and prevents mould growth. It also reduces the size of items which is good news when it comes to storage space. If you don’t want your items to be creased, then simply hang in a sealed clothes bag in a clean, dry storage unit.

Flexible storage solutions

Just found some incredible items for next season on sale? No problem. Urban Locker offer fully flexible storage, so if you need to increase the size of your unit or the length of your contract you can do so. The beauty of using our storage is that you also have access to your unit 24/7. This means that should you decide to wear that fur coat for a fancy dress summer party, you can still get to it quickly and easily.

Whether you need a small locker for a year or a large unit for a month, Urban Locker are here to help. Call us today on 020 3637 0850 or email oldstreet@urbanlocker.co.uk