Packing up your student house for the summer

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The summer is finally in sight, after a long year of studying and hard work. You might have travelling, a summer job or just relaxing with friends planned – but there’s one thing you need to do first. Pack up your student digs until the next school year.

Whether you’re in halls of residence or a private house, many accommodations that rent to students expect you to move out over the summer. This allows landlords time to go in and make repairs. In the meantime, you are left with the problem of carting all your belongings back home for a month or two – not the easiest of task if you’ve travelled a long way from home.

Packing up your student house for the summer Urban Locker

Planning ahead for Self-storage

Renting a self-storage unit over the summer is a great alternative for students, saving you the hassle of moving bulky items such as TVs, duvets and piles of text books. However, before you just throw everything in, you do need to do some planning first.

Have a good look through your belongings as you pack them and decide what you really will want next year. If your text books are no longer needed, sell them or take them home. Donate clothes you no longer wear to charity shops, and throw out anything that’s broken.

There is no point paying for extra space to store items you don’t actually want.

Packing up your student house for the summer Urban Locker

Washing and cleaning

It’s tempting to just throw everything into a box and sort it out later. But we would really advise you do the washing first. As stains and dirt dry, they can damage your clothing making it far harder to remove them later on. It’s also a good idea not to pack too many clothes in to one box – fabrics need to breath, and the more squashed they are the more creases will be ingrained into the material.

Make sure your shoes are dry, and that you clean off any mud before you pack them away. Then, stuff them with newspaper and pack them in strong boxes. That way they won’t get squashed and misshapen.

Packing up your student house for the summer Urban Locker

Choosing the right storage unit

As you are more likely to be storing clothing and electronics, it’s a good idea to choose an indoor storage provider. That way your belongings will remain safe from damp and rodents. Many indoor storage units like Urban Locker also provide PIN code access and CCTV, keeping your stuff secure.

Location is also important, particularly if you need to transport your belongings through central London. We are placed directly by Old Street Station – central to Shoreditch and with easy access to the Underground.

Size also matters. Most self-storage providers have a range of unit options, as well as short term contracts, so that you only need to pay for the storage you need. You’ll be surprised how much you can get into one unit – at least one dorms worth of belongings.

Renting a storage unit over the summer is the perfect answer to student life – it’s like having your own spare room, just when you need it.

At Urban Locker, we are conveniently located to all of the main universities and colleges in London and our student storage in London services are very affordable and can make moving back home much more convenient.  Not only are your goods safe, but it makes your job of moving much easier too.  If you would like a quote for student storage please talk to one of our self storage agents today.