Storage ideas for small spaces

By 06/07/2020Top Tips

When you’re a bit squeezed for space in your Shoreditch apartment, clever storage solutions can help you make the most of the smaller corners available.

Luckily there are some clever, simple and altogether ingenious ideas that can maximise the area you have available. All you need to do is decide where you need more storage. 

Storage ideas for small spaces Urban Locker

In the kitchen

If there is one place that we fill with clutter, it’s the kitchen. Drawers full of gadgets we don’t use, a collection of mismatched plates and shelves of novelty mugs – where do you fit the food?

There are plenty of small spaces in your kitchen, starting with your fridge. If it’s freestanding, the chances are there is a gap between the fridge and the wall where you could slide a thin bookshelf. Put wheels on the bottom, and you have an easy rolling shelving unit for jars and oils. 

Make more use of the unused space inside your cupboards with simple organisation ideas. A plate rack can be a great way to stand up saucepan lids, while you can increase the amount of space by adding additional shelves.

Consider using the tops of wall cabinets and adding drawers under base units, where space is normally left empty and covered by the kickboard. When all you have is wall space, try adding a pegboard and using it to hang saucepans or other utensils. 

Storage ideas for small spaces Urban Locker

In the living room

You have more space than you realise in the living room. There are plenty of clever furniture solutions that can easily give you more storage, such as boxes that double as coffee tables. But if you are looking for even more ideas, what about making the most of the wall spaces. Add shelves above doorways and tucked into corners – not only will you have more room for ornaments or books, you can make a tight corner into a feature.

If you have a staircase, the obvious solution is to tuck a cupboard underneath it. But why not turn it into a bookcase instead, and tuck a cosy beanbag in for a children’s snug hideaway. If you need something a little more grown-up, there’s the perfect space for a desk for teenage study or home office. 

Storage ideas for small spaces Urban Locker

In the bedroom

The bedroom is another good place for a pegboard. Hang small shelves, jars for makeup brushes and small items or add lighting for bedtime reading. Pegboards are versatile and trendy options for every age group. 

Make the most of the space under your bed with underbed drawers or, if the space isn’t quite large enough, use any overhang as a shelf for books. And before we finish with the bed, consider the headboard. If you can make your own, add shelves above your head or tucked into the side. If there isn’t quite enough space, slide a narrow hall table behind the head, and you have an instant headboard and shelf.

There are plenty of ways to make a little more storage in your home, but if what you really need is simply another large cupboard, then self-storage is the easiest option. You can choose the size of the cupboard you need, upsize as your family grows, and access it whenever you want to. 

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