What to do in Shoreditch.

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what to do in shoreditch

If you are moving to Shoreditch or live in the area and want to know what you can do in Shoreditch this is the article for you.

Shoreditch is known for its street art and hipster vibes so when you are looking for things to do in Shoreditch you usually get lists recommending visiting street art and some hipster cafes and markets.

Our guide does include street art, hipster cafes and markets but it also includes some different things. Shoreditch is a diverse and exciting place to live and some of these activities on the list make it worth living here.

So let’s start with street art.

Street art in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

As one of London’s hippest places, you can see many different types of street art in the Shoreditch neighbourhood including:

  • Shoreditch Murals
  • Grafitti
  • Banksy’s artwork in Shoreditch

The street art in Shoreditch features work from some of the biggest artists in the world including Banksy. Some areas in Shoreditch you will want to visit to see the street art include:

  • Rivington Street
  • Great Eastern Street
  • Brick Lane
  • Fashion Street
  • Cremer Street
  • Princelet Street
  • Toynbee Street
  • Heneage Street
  • Shoreditch High Street

Places to drink in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

Being hip means that you will probably need to end your day with some cool cocktails or hipster drinks. Thankfully Shoreditch has both. Some of the best places to drink in Shoreditch include:

  • TT Liquor
  • Rooftop wigwam
  • Old Truman brewery
  • Nightjar
  • Alcotraz
  • Pride of Spitalfields

Food in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

If you have drunk enough and want to lay off the booze for a little while, there are plenty of other things going on in Shoreditch. Foodies have some great restaurants to choose from in East London, but if you fancy something a little different and more social you may want to check out some of the Street food venues in Shoreditch too.

Some places in Shoreditch we can recommend:

  • Curry houses on Brick Lane
  • Popup food villages by box park
  • Dinerama street feast
  • Smokestak

For more of the best places to eat in Shoreditch check out our blog.

Visit Markets in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

If you haven’t built up the appetite just yet to eat in all of the wonderful restaurants and street food locations you may want to burn some calories wandering the markets in Shoreditch.

Here are some of the top markets in Shoreditch worth a visit:

  • Brick Lane Market
  • Spitalfields Market
  • Berwick Street Market
  • Boxpark Shoreditch
  • Borough Market
  • Islington Farmers Market

Whether you are shopping for some vintage items, fresh food or something different, Shoreditch markets will have it all.

Nightclubs in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

Shoreditch is a young neighbourhood filled with hip and trendy people. Naturally after a hard week of work you may need to blow off steam and visit one of the cool bars or nightclubs in Shoreditch.

Some of the best clubs in Shoreditch include:

  • Trapeze
  • Barrio Shoreditch
  • Floripa
  • The Lighthouse
  • Trafik
  • Cargo
  • XOYO

Whether you are looking for a relaxing evening or a full-on rave, Shoreditch has something to do for everyone. 

Different things to do in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

Doing the same things week in week out such as going to restaurants or out drinking can get a little boring and sometimes you need a break from the normal. Thankfully Shoreditch has some weird and wonderful things to do and we have included a small list of different things to do in Shoreditch below.

Cat cafe

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is something that’s a little different. If you like coffee shops and love cats then this could be a match made in heaven for you. You can also hire the venue privately and enjoy the cats to yourself.

Bike Shed Motor Club

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

The Bike Shed Motor club isn’t a motorcycle club like something you would see on Sons of Anarchy. Instead, it’s a friendly club where people of all ages are welcome.

You can enjoy dining, getting a haircut or simply visit and share your love of bikes with others.

Ballie Ballerson

Unleash the kid inside you at Ballie Ballerson. Cocktails and ball pits, what more do you want for a fun night out in Shoreditch. Quite a strange concept but it works. You have to see the club to truly appreciate how fun it is.

You can visit Ballie Ballerson at:

97-113 Curtain Road



Shuffle boarding at the London shuffle club

Shuffle boarding at the London Shuffle club is a fun night out for all involved.  

A sport so fun that Henry VIII banned it from being too distracting. Thankfully it’s back and you can enjoy an hour’s worth of shuffle boarding for £32. The London Shuffle club can also be booked for parties and private events.

Table football at Bar Kick

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

Unfortunately, football didn’t come home this year, but we can take it on the chin and move on. In the meantime, we can relieve what nearly was by playing table football at Bar Kick in Shoreditch.

You can also stick around after the table football to devour some dirty fries and smash burgers while watching live sports.

Bowling at All Star Lanes

Bowling is a fun activity for all of the family and if you fancy smashing down some pins or if you are like me ending in the gutter, All-Star lanes is a fun activity to do in Shoreditch.

All-Star Lanes aren’t like your typical bowling lanes, this is a more classy venue that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie. Red leather seats and vintage bowling pins make this a “bowling alley” like no other.

All-Star Lanes also serves food that you wouldn’t expect from a bowling alley including Popcorn Squid, Beef Brisket Bon Bons and premium hot dogs.

If you aren’t feeling too hungry you can knock back a cocktail or five and have a very fun night out. Just don’t try bowling after drinking too many as you may end up bowling on the wrong lane.

Coffee shops in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

There are many Coffee Shops in Shoreditch that are worth visiting. Our top pics include:

  • Biegel Bake
  • Dark Sugars Cocoa House

Whether you are looking for a place to catch up with friends, to work out of or to taste some of the best Coffee London has to offer, then Shoreditch Coffee shops are some of the best in London.

Art Galleries and Museums in Shoreditch

What to do in Shoreditch. Urban Locker

As mentioned above there are many street art venues worth visiting in Shoreditch but if you prefer classic art over graffiti then Shoreditch has something for you.

Below are some of the art galleries in Shoreditch and museums in Shoreditch worth visiting.

  • Whitechapel Gallery 
  • museum of the home
  • Geffyre museum
  • Dennis servers museum

Final Thoughts

If you are moving to Shoreditch and want to see if it’s the right place for you, you should know that Shoreditch is safe, it has tonnes of things going on and there’s never a dull moment here. If you are moving and need help with Storage in East London we can help.

If you are a business or think that we have missed something that could be interesting for this list please reach out and let us know.